Chapter in another book (2)


  1. The Blitz, its experiences, its consequences, Mark Clapson and Peter J. Larkham
  2. La ville éventrée: or, how bombing turned the city inside out, Lindsey Dodd
  3. Holiday camps, castles, and stately homes: the residential option for the evacuation of disabled children during World War II, Sue Wheatcroft
  4. A service forged in the flames: the Blitz, wartime firefighting and the National Fire Service, Shane Ewen
  5. Between destruction and reconstruction: London’s Debris Clearance and Repair Organisation 1939-1945, Robin Woolven
  6. The people’s peace: the myth of wartime unity and public consent for town planning, Susanne Cowan
  7. Reconstruction constraints: political and economic realities, Catherine Flinn
  8. Destruction and dispersal: the Blitz and the ’break-up’ of working-class London, Mark Clapson
  9. Tradition and modernity: architecture in Japan after Hiroshima, Neil Jackson
  10. Reconstruction civic authority in post-war Germany, Jeffry M. Diefendorf
  11. Bold planning, mixed experiences: the diverse fortunes of post-war Birmingham, David Adams and Peter J. Larkham
  12. Planning the reconstruction of war-damaged Plymouth, 1941-1961: devising and defending a modernisation agenda, Stephen Essex and Mark Brayshay
  13. Destruction, revival and reconstruction across Alsace and Lorraine, 1939-1960, Hugh Clout
  14. Problems of blitz reconstruction in Japan: the case of Sendai, Junichi Hasegawa; Index.