Welcome to my Website

On this site I will be exercising my right to free speech. As you will see, this has not always been possible for me in the past. Some of what I say may be controversial but I promise not to be unecessarily rude or nasty. I will be discussing my experiences and thoughts on many topics, but especially on Borderline Personality Disorder and mental health in prison.

Each page will contain a separate topic but all will be inter-related in some way. You may feel that some of my writing is too revealing and ‘raw’, even shocking, but it is necessary in order to highlight what it is like today for people with BPD and/or people in prison. Without making excuses, I am revealing my innermost thoughts, traits and behaviour, to show how certain experiences can lead to behaviour (often seen as bad) related to BPD

I welcome your comments and am willing to debate. Just click on any of the pages in the menu below. Enjoy!

Contact: derbyshireborderlinepd@gmail.com