What it is…


A campaign to change the way women in the criminal justice system are treated

The exhibition is necessary and important to women in the criminal justice system, commissioners, policy makers, art buyers and all those interested in social justice and penal reform. As well as a significant media attendance, we expect over 10 000 visitors at each venue. 

Each venue will host a presentation and a packed programme of events, talks and seminars. 

Photo London panels are chaired by Bidisha. 

Someone’s Daughter will visit the FiLiA Annual Women’s Rights Conference taking place on 16-17th Ocotber 2021. 

 An exhibition of the portraits in the House of Lords will run in October, where we will also hold the conference Care not Cages, looking at alternatives to custody and better sentencing outcomes for women; with a closing event of high profile guests, hosted by renowned journalist and journalist/broadcaster Bidisha.

Individual photographs will be auctioned on Artsy from 1st to  14 September 2021 to raise funds for The View to continue our campaigns for women in the criminal justice system. A second complete set of images will donated to the permanent collection of a national museum. Each woman who participated will also receive a signed print, of her portrait.